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Last Updated: 19/03/2000

Well, guys! Here it is: the feature MP3 section.  You know how it works: the song that gets the most votes will be the chosen one. I will then make an mp3 file and upload it to my server for your downloading pleasure.  The song choices will be determined under a certain "theme", announced below. Even if a song has already been picked as the feature MP3 before, it CAN be chosen again. The MP3 will be updated during the weekend.  Hope you like this new feature!

Next week's choices: Rarest B-sides

Famous Blue Raincoat (Live)

Click on the name of the song to read the lyrics, find general information and to download it.

Notes: all MP3 files will be encoded in 80Kbps/44Mhz format (not CD Quality) as they are official recordings and I don't want to break any laws.  I do not own any bootleg recordings so I will ONLY be making MP3 files of officially released recordings.  However, if within the future I am able to adquire any bootleg recordings, I will gladly make MP3s of them as well.

To be able to play the weekly MP3 file you must have an MP3 player. Get one at http://www.winamp.com/

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